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Capturing Opportunity

Report Date: 12.20

Capturing Opportunity: Law and Policy Solutions to Accelerate Engineered Carbon Removal in California

Resilient Grid Decarbonization

Report Date: 06.20

Clean and Resilient: Policy Solutions for California's Grid of the Future

Low-income Multifamily Energy Efficiency

Report Date: 06.19

Low Income, High Efficiency: Policies to Expand Low-income Multifamily Energy Savings Retrofits

Utility-Scale Solar Planning

Report Date: 11.18

A New Solar Landscape: Improving County-Level Landscape Planning for Utility-Scale Solar PV Facilities

Electric Vehicle Charging

Report Date: 06.17

Plugging Away: How to Boost Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Commercial Building Retrofits

Report Date: 03.16

Powering the Savings: How California Can Tap the Energy Efficiency Potential in Existing Commercial Buildings


Report Date: 12.15

Planting Fuels: How California Can Boost Local, Low-Carbon Biofuel Production

Transportation Finance

Report Date: 02.15

Moving Dollars: Aligning Transportation Spending With California's Environmental Goals

Improved Energy Data Access

Report Date: 01.15

Knowledge is Power: How Improved Energy Data Access Can Bolster Clean Energy Technologies & Save Money

Repurposing Electric Vehicle Batteries

Report Date: 09.14

Reuse and Repower: How to Save Money and Clean the Grid with Second-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries

Long-Term Renewable Energy Goals

Report Date: 11.13

Renewable Energy Beyond 2020: Next Steps for California

High Speed Rail

Report Date: 08.13

A High Speed Foundation: How to Build a Better California Around High Speed Rail

Electric Vehicles

Report Date: 09.12

Electric Drive by ’25: How California Can Catalyze Mass Adoption of Electric Vehicles by 2025​

Utility-Scale on Appropriate Farmland

Report Date: 10.11

Harvesting Clean Energy: How California Can Deploy Large-Scale Renewable Energy Projects on Appropriate Farmland

Public Transit

Report Date: 07.11

All Aboard: How California Can Increase Investments in Public Transportation


Report Date: 05.11

Drops of Energy: Conserving Urban Water in California to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Local Planning

Report Date: 07.10

Planning for the Future: How Local Governments Can Help Implement California’s New Land Use and Climate Change Legislation

Boosting Energy Storage

Report Date: 07.10

The Power of Energy Storage: How to Increase Deployment in California to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Residential & Small Business Retrofits

Report Date: 05.10

Saving Energy: How California Can Launch a Statewide Retrofit Program for Existing Residences and Small Businesses

Low-Carbon Farming

Report Date: 03.10

Room to Grow: How California Agriculture Can Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Local Distributed Renewable Generation

Report Date: 11.09

In Our Backyard: How to Increase Renewable Energy Production on Big Buildings and Other Local Spaces

Infill Development

Report Date: 08.09

Removing the Roadblocks: How to Make Sustainable Development Happen Now