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Energy Efficiency

Many of California’s existing homes and businesses waste energy in preventable ways, such as through poorly insulated walls, air leaks in the building structure, inefficient heating and cooling systems, and outdated lighting technology. The California Air Resources Board, the agency responsible for implementing AB 32, stated in its scoping plan that “expanding and strengthening existing energy efficiency programs as well as building and appliance standards” are key elements of the overall strategy to reduce statewide greenhouse gas emissions.

Energy Efficiency: reports

Heat Pumps

Report Date: 07.22

Hot, Cold & Clean: Policy Solutions to Promote Equitable and Affordable Adoption of Heat Pump Retrofits in Existing Buildings

Building Toward Decarbonization

Report Date: 01.21

Building Toward Decarbonization: Policy Solutions to Accelerate Building Electrification in High-Priority Communities

Low-income Multifamily Energy Efficiency

Report Date: 06.19

Low Income, High Efficiency: Policies to Expand Low-income Multifamily Energy Savings Retrofits

Commercial Building Retrofits

Report Date: 03.16

Powering the Savings: How California Can Tap the Energy Efficiency Potential in Existing Commercial Buildings

Improved Energy Data Access

Report Date: 01.15

Knowledge is Power: How Improved Energy Data Access Can Bolster Clean Energy Technologies & Save Money


Report Date: 05.11

Drops of Energy: Conserving Urban Water in California to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Residential & Small Business Retrofits

Report Date: 05.10

Saving Energy: How California Can Launch a Statewide Retrofit Program for Existing Residences and Small Businesses